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Welcome to VisionAfrique!

I'm Dara Gbolahan, the creative force behind VisionAfrique.

While I don't claim to be an Africa expert, I'm a graphic designer and data visualization specialist who loves bringing complex topics to life visually. With this blog, I'm on a mission to infuse some life and personality into our discussions about Africa's challenges and triumphs. I believe that Africa is a diverse and intricate continent, teeming with opportunities for progress and challenges that demand our attention. However, there's a glaring gap in the analysis of Africa's issues through data—a gap I'm determined to fill with VisionAfrique.

I've created this blog as a resource for fellow communicators who, like me, are committed to presenting information in engaging and impactful ways. Feel free to leverage these visuals to illuminate intricate subjects that words alone may struggle to convey. Please remember to attribute visuals to VisionAfrique when sharing.

And guess what? I publish in both English and French, so you can reach wider audiences and make an even bigger impact!

Together, let's harness the power of data to ignite meaningful conversations and drive positive change in Africa.


Much love, 


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