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Understanding Maternal Mortality in Conflict-Affected Africa

Infographic on maternal mortality in Africa

Welcome to our series on the challenges facing African women. In this article, we'll explore maternal mortality, examining its impact, root causes, and potential solutions. Join us as we delve into the complexities of these challanges and strive for a better future for African women.

Maternal mortality remains a significant challenge in Africa, with devastating consequences for women and families across the continent. Despite progress in global health efforts, Africa continues to bear a disproportionate burden of maternal deaths, accounting for 69% of all maternal deaths worldwide in 2020.

Maternal Mortality Rates in Conflict-Affected Countries

Countries in Africa facing conflicts, such as Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, and others, often experience even higher maternal mortality rates. In addition to the challenges posed by conflicts themselves, these countries contend with disrupted healthcare systems, limited access to maternal healthcare services and essential medicines, and increased risk factors for maternal mortality.

Challenges and Factors Contributing to Maternal Mortality

Conflict exacerbates existing challenges related to maternal health, including inadequate healthcare infrastructure, shortages of skilled birth attendants, and limited access to emergency obstetric care. Displacement, insecurity, and disruptions in healthcare services further compromise maternal health outcomes, leading to higher maternal mortality rates in conflict-affected areas.

Potential Solutions

Addressing maternal mortality requires targeted interventions, including improving healthcare infrastructure, training more skilled birth attendants, and ensuring access to emergency obstetric care. Additionally, efforts to promote peace and stability can indirectly contribute to better maternal health outcomes.

Addressing maternal mortality in conflict-affected areas requires a concerted effort that prioritizes maternal healthcare services and recognizes the unique challenges faced by women in these regions. By acknowledging and understanding the factors contributing to maternal mortality, Africa can take steps toward implementing targeted interventions and policies to improve maternal health outcomes in conflict-affected areas.


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